Dear Parents & Students:

For 2018 I wanted to create a challenge for all Omega students to complete throughout this year.  I am calling it the “I AM AWESOME” Award!  Let me explain what this is.
Every month we will be centering our teaching, drills, martial art games, etc. around a specific theme.  The theme for January has been TEAMWORK.  We have been talking about Teamwork and what it means and we have been focusing our drills and games around this theme.  In addition to doing these things in our classes, I wanted to have these themes be practiced at home too.  Here in lies the idea for the “I AM AWESOME” Award.
1.  Each month I will email a worksheet that has 2 required projects or activities that students need to complete and then report about.  In order to receive credit for that month the student must complete and turn in the worksheet — January – June worksheets DUE: June 30th; July – December worksheets DUE: December 14th.
2.  Each completed activity or project on the worksheet is worth 5 points.  I am also offering bonus points if students complete more than the minimum 2 required activities.  I will give 5 bonus points per additional completed activity.
3.  In order to get credit for completing a month, you must complete the 2 required activities.  Additional points for completing bonus activities will be accumulated throughout the year.
1.  If a student completes each month (does at least the 2 required activities) then they will received the “I AM AWESOME” Award in December of this year at our Annual Holiday Party.
2.  I will also be tallying the total points earned from completing the required activities and any additional bonus activities completed.  The student with the most points will win the Christmas iPad!
The purpose of this challenge is to emphasize the characteristics of a martial artist where ever you are (at home, at school, church, etc.).  You shouldn’t be a martial artist just in the 4 walls of the studio.
You may have some questions about this, so please ask.  I encourage all Omega Students to participate and have fun completing each activity.  Worksheets are available in the office.
JUNE – Turn in Jan-May worksheets
DECEMBER – Turn in all 2018 worksheets
Love all of you, have fun doing these activities, and you are all AWESOME!
Kwanjangnim Richard