If you have never tested in an Omega Formal Test, let me explain how the process works so you know what to expect!  You will be tested on your knowledge, skill level and ability to perform the required techniques required for your desired belt rank advancement. Each tester will do the majority of their requirements at a designated testing table.  We test also your ability to stay focused on the instructors in front of you.  There will be 6 tables running.  When all the tables are done, we will then come together and have the board breaking portion of the test.
When the test is finished, we will then line back up and a group of instructors will dismiss themselves to go review the marks given for each tester.  If a student does not pass one or more areas of their test they will be given what is called a “Conditional” mark on that area.  If a student receives a Conditional mark they will not receive their belt that evening.  If the tester passes all areas of their test then they will take part in the belt ceremony after the test.  We will let the tester know if they received a Conditional mark in any area prior to the belt ceremony so they are not surprised or embarrassed if their name is not called when we do the belt ceremony.  After the ceremony, we will then have those testers who received Conditional marks meet with their individual grader and receive instruction on what he/she needs to do to pass off those areas they received Conditionals in.  Those Conditionals will be passed off in the next class they come to.  We want all Conditional marks to be passed off no later than one week after the test takes place.
We understand that nerves play a big part in testing; it is designed that way!  We want to see how our students perform while under pressure.  If a student does receive a Conditional mark, we want them to work through it and learn how to be better for the next test.  We also want them showing support to all their fellow testers by being in the student audience when the belt ceremony takes place.  We love all our students and there is growth that takes place in completely passing a test and there is growth that takes place in not passing a test.  No one will ever have a perfect test, we just want them to do their best.