Dear Family and Friends,
There has been talk, and mention has been made, of a potential expansion of Omega to Vineyard. IT’S TRUE!  Starting at the beginning of this coming school year, we will be starting a branch program in Vineyard City at Freedom Preparatory Academy. I (Sabunim Conrad Bird) will  be heading up this program’s development, so feel free to ask me any question you or your friends may have. With such an exiting opportunity, we are seeking for your help in promoting this move forward.
Below are ways that we could REALLY use your help:
  • Please take a moment to go on to Yelp (Omega Martial Arts Vineyard) and write a review on Omega Martial Arts as a system in general. Any instructors that may stand out in your mind. Please be honest and genuine on your reviews.
  • Follow, Like, AND PLEASE SHARE our pages and accounts on social media
  • Let us know of any community events in the Vineyard area (Soccer games, family events, etc.) that you may be aware of that will be happening from now to the near future. Those kinds of events will be great opportunities for us to try and advertise and get our name out there.
  • If you know of anyone of your family, friends, or neighbors in that area, please make mention of our coming to Vineyard regardless of you thinking they would be interested.
Freedom Preparatory Academy – Vineyard is located at:
426 North 100 West,
Vineyard, UT 84058
THANK YOU SO MUCH. We wouldn’t be Omega if it weren’t for all you being a part of our Omega Family. Again, feel free to contact me if you have any question: or call/text me at 801-368-1108

Conrad Bird, 3rd Dan

Omega Martial Arts