Dear Omega:

Many of you listened to Gov. Herbert last night about Utah being in a state of emergency regarding COVID-19 and what we can do as a state to help lower the spike. As always, I do my research and call the Utah County Health Department for exact guidance on how Omega can proceed forward. The directive for Omega was the same as the last time.

Here is a recap of how we will proceed with classes over the next few weeks:

1. We are NOT a casual, social gathering. We are a business and we are being viewed as such.

2. Because we are a business, ALL Omega Instructors and employees will be wearing our masks, doing symptom checks, doing temperature checks – each and every evening. We have been vigilant in not having any instructor, if they feel sick, to come to the studio and teach. No instructor has tested positive for COVID- 19 (knock on wood :)).

3. Masks, for students, are not being required but are highly encouraged. We will continue to practice social distancing when possibly in class. We also ask that parents and siblings of students still adhere to the “Drop and Leave” policy, as we are not allowed to have any spectators in the studio at this time. If you need to come into the office for any reason, or if your student is testing in class, then please ask permission beforehand and please wear your mask and practice social distancing while in the studio.

4. We will still be holding High Belt Testing this coming Saturday. We may have to do 2 time slots – more info on the format of the test will come when we have a final count of who is actually testing. We can only allow ONE family member per student testing in the studio to watch. I am sorry for this, but I would rather have the test than not.

5. I might be adjusting some class times and class lengths due to size. I am going to take today and tomorrow to observe class sizes and see if that is a necessary step. If we have to run shorter classes and hold more of them in order to thin out the numbers, then we will do that for a short period of time. More info to come on this.

I appreciate your patience while things are crazy. We are doing the best we can at Omega to keep classes running so that all our students can progress and have meaningful activities to participate in. As always, safety is our priority. If you have any questions at all, please call me at (801) 318-6264.

Kwanjangnim Richard