Dear Parents and Students:

If you or your student is planning on testing in the May 10th rank advancement test there are a few things that need to be turned in.  These four things are:
1.  Written Paper
2.  Practice Cards for February, March, and April
3.  Copy of Grades or letter from parents that grades are good
4.  Test Fee
There are many students who are planning on testing that still need to turn in these four things.  The deadline to turn them in is Saturday, May 3rd.  This is a hard deadline and if you or your student does not meet this deadline they will not test in this next rank testing (please do not push this deadline, I promise I will hold to it).  Please get these items to me as soon as you can, but no later than Saturday.  I can be reached at 801-318-6264 if you have any questions about this.
Thank you,
Kwanjangnim Richard