Dear Parents & Students:

1.  This is just a reminder that this week is Sparring Week.  Please make sure to bring your sparring gear to all classes.  If you are planning to test this coming Saturday, and you still need to pass of any review stripes, please make sure to let the instructor of your class know so we can get you striped out.  
2.  Our Low Belt Rank Advancement test is this coming Saturday.  The test will begin at 9:00 AM, but all who are testing need to be at the studio no later than 8:40 AM.  Instructors, please make sure you are there at that time too.  All testers and instructors need to wear their formal white uniforms.  
3.  All those who are planning on testing are required to turn in their written papers, grade verification, and test fees and Teaching Notebooks (only for those testing for Green/Black Belt) at the studio tonight or tomorrow night.  The original deadline was tonight, but since there was no Youth Classes last night, I am extending the deadline until tomorrow night.  
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at the office.