Dear Omega Family:

Yesterday the Utah County Health Department issued a mask mandate for all of Utah County. As I read the mandate there is a mask exemption that says “that if you are participating in a physical and/or strenuous activity, then you do not need to wear a mask while participating in this activity.” (See Utah County Public Health Order Section 3.9)

Today, I personally called the Utah County Health Department and received verbal confirmation from the Director Tyler Plewe that Omega Martial Arts will fall under the physical exemption rule. This verbal confirmation of exemption was received on Wednesday, Sept. 23rd. However, we were told that, for the time being, we CANNOT have any spectators in the building. So, in order to be able to practice and instruct martial arts without the requirement of wearing a mask, we ask all parents to abide by the drop and leave policy (this is temporary).

If you would like to come in and watch your student perform a test, or to conduct any in-person business, please let us know and practice social distancing and wear your personal mask.

We are doing the very best we can to keep all students and instructors healthy and safe. As always, if you feel sick or have any COVID-19 symptoms at all, please stay home and get better before you return to the studio. We also encourage you to follow your own personal health requirements, and if you feel the need to wear a mask to class, then please do so.

Thank you all for your cooperation during these times.
Kwanjangnim Richard