SPRINGVILLE, UT, Oct 9, 2006 – Omega Martial Arts, located at 245 S Main Street, is proud to announce its annual Tae Kwon Do Black Belt test scheduled for Saturday, October 14. Thirteen students from Springville, Payson and American Fork will perform their martial art talents in hopes to receive temporary to third degree ranking black belts.

Saturday’s test will showcase upper ranking tae kwon do forms, weapon forms, individual creative martial art demonstrations, judo throwing and falling, self defense techniques, sparring, board and brick breaking, and the gauntlet — which is the final test of mental and physical technique and endurance.

“I am proud of the black belt candidates this year. We have experienced exponential growth here in Springville and the high quality of our black belts show that students are thriving,” said Richard Davis, owner of Omega Martial Arts in Springville. “Parents, instructors and prospective students tell me they feel the energy when they come to Omega.”

Of the thirteen students performing, Omega Springville’s students include: Rex Davis testing for 3rd degree black belt, Conrad Bird testing for 1st degree, C.J. Giles and Eric Soto testing for black belt. The students from Payson are Karen Thomas and Jason Buck testing for 1st degree and Keaton Olsen, Gayle Weber, and Bill Wright testing for black belt. From the American Fork school, Vea Lynn Jarvis is testing for 3rd degree, Vicki Blauer is testing for 2nd degree, Kaitlyn Brower is testing for 1st degree, and Kenny Schoemig is testing for black belt.

It takes martial artists four to five years to earn a black belt in the Omega system. Black belt candidacy begins with a formal presentation in February followed by five four-hour pre-testing sessions given by high ranking black belt judges to verify the candidates’ knowledge of the system. The final black belt test is a two-day culmination in front of an Omega black belt board.

The Omega black belt board consists of president and grand master Dr. Davis 10th degree, shihan Pano Pederas 7th degree, shihan Jan Davis 6th degree, master Jason Davis 5th degree, kwanjangnim Richard Davis 4th degree, and kwanjangnim Jenny Jarvis 4th degree.

This year’s black belt test is open to the public starting at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday. The test usually runs six to eight hours. Friday evening there is a closed testing for about three hours at which students present their written materials and basic forms. The test will be held at Omega Martial Arts located at 245 S Main Street, Springville, UT.

About Omega Martial Arts

Founded in 1987, Omega Martial Arts Utah is part of Omega Karate Schools, based in Colorado, and is accredited with North American Tae Kwon Do Organization (NATO). Omega Martial Arts teaches a hybrid of Tae Kwon Do, Jiu Jitsu, Self Defense, Weapons, Judo, Sparring and Hapkido in order to create a well-rounded martial artist. Its instructors are known for their superior technique and diverse martial art expertise and its programs are designed to motivate students toward respect and excellence. Omega Martial Arts has dojangs (or schools) in Springville, Payson, and American Fork.