SPRINGVILLE, UT, September 30, 2013 – Omega Martial Arts, located at 875 N Main Street in Springville, awarded twenty-two students and four program instructors with new black belts at its annual Black Belt test on Saturday, September 28. This was the largest test to date in Omega history.

Over 320 spectators crowded into the Springville dojang throughout the three day, fourteen hour test to support the black belt candidates.

Students from the Springville, Salem and American Fork schools demonstrated their refined skills in Taekwondo, Hapkido, Jiu Jitsu, Okinawan weapon forms, 78 individual creative martial art demonstrations, Judo throwing and falling, self defense techniques, and the gauntlet — which is the ultimate test of physical sparring endurance. They then ended the test with every single student breaking through several boards and bricks using various kicks and punches.

“As the Head Instructor over the Omega Springville Studio, I was so honored to be a part of this year’s Omega Black Belt Test. We have specifically designed our black belt test to push each candidate to their physical, mental, and spiritual limits. Each and every one of the testers proved to us and to themselves that they can do hard things. They proved to themselves that they can push through pain and fatigue allowing their minds to take over and display the indomitable spirit that a martial artist should have. It is always very emotional for me to watch my students come to this culminating step in each of their martial art journeys and persevere to the very end. They are now standing on the top of a mountain, yet this only gives them a greater perspective that there are many more mountains to climb,” stated Kwanjangnim Richard Davis, 5th Dan Black Belt. “I am so proud of all of the testers this year. They worked hard, they grew together, and they came out on top. These are the fruits of all of our labors and this test was a wonderful display of the “family” atmosphere we have here at Omega. It was a privilege to be a part of it!”

It takes martial artists five to six years to earn a 1st dan (degree) black belt in the Omega system. Black belt candidacy begins with a formal presentation in November followed by five four-hour pre-testing sessions given by high ranking black belt judges to verify the candidates’ knowledge of the system. The final black belt test is a three-day culmination in front of an Omega black belt board.

Omega Martial Art black belt candidates testing from Springville:

Ron Hendry (2nd Degree)

Carla Bennett (2nd Degree)

Peter Fry (1st Degree)

Cortez Nelson (1st Degree)

Jenifer Pulman (Black Belt)

Amelia Pulman (Black Belt)

Jeremy Scott (Black Belt)

Derek Sturman (Black Belt)

Mark Reber (Black Belt)

Rachel Anderson (Black Belt)

Ryan Pexton (Black Belt)

Cesar Corona (Black Belt)

Omega Martial Art black belt candidates testing from American Fork:

Kaitlyn Brower (3rd Degree)

Linnea Torriente (2nd Degree)

Ryan Moe (1st Degree)

Ethan Breck (1st Degree)

Chandler Schoemig, (1st Degree)

Noah Jardine (1st Degree)

Brandon Moe (Black Belt)

Barbara Moe (Black Belt)

Austin Moe (Black Belt)

Jacob Heuer (Black Belt)

Ben Heuer (Black Belt)

Omega Martial Art black belt candidates testing from Salem:

Jason Buck (2nd Degree)

Kalani Graham (2nd Degree)

Emily Hedelius (Black Belt)

The test was held at Omega Martial Arts located at 875 N Main Street, Springville, Utah. For questions, please call 801-491-8542.

About Omega Martial Arts

Founded in 1987, Omega Martial Arts Utah is part of Omega Karate Schools, based in Colorado, and is accredited with North American Tae Kwon Do Organization (NATO). Omega Martial Arts teaches a hybrid of Tae Kwon Do, Jiu Jitsu, Self Defense, Okinawan Weaponry, Judo, Sparring and Hapkido in order to create a well-rounded martial artist. Its instructors are known for their superior technique and diverse martial art expertise and its programs are designed to motivate students toward respect and excellence. Omega Martial Arts has dojangs (or schools) in Springville, Salem, and American Fork.