This year, Omega will have an entry in the Art City Days Parade. Many of you have come in the office and signed up to participate with us. If you still want to come and join our Omega entry and walk/ride on the trailer with us, come in the office today from 4-8 PM and sign the waiver.

Here is the information for those who will be participating:

1. The Parade is this Saturday, June 10th, start time is 10 AM.

2. We are gathering at our parade entry site between 9:00 and 9:30 AM.

3. Our parade entry number is 64 and we will be meeting at the following address: 100 South 650 East, Springville. That is on the street just to the north of the Memorial Park Baseball fields by the Old Springville Jr. High.

4. All participants please wear your Omega T-Shirt (No uniform tops), your regular martial art pants, your belt, and good walking shoes. If you do not have an Omega t-shirt, please come in the office today and get one.

5. Bring water or a drink to keep yourself hydrated, it could be hot.

6. The parade route ends at 200 North and Main Street. We will be turning RIGHT (East) on 200 North at the end of the parade and going down a block to wait for parents to come pick up their students. Please be on time to pick up your students. Thank you!