Dear Omega:

A few reminders:
1. Over the past weekend, we had the carpets cleaned and cleaned both the boys and girls dressing rooms out.  We have quite the collection of uniforms (both black and white) that need a home.  We have them in the office.  If these uniforms are not claimed this week, we will be donating them or throwing the really old ones away.  Please come and see if any of them are yours.
2. There is still time to register for the Shine On Tournament.  The date of the tournament is Saturday, October 29th.  This tournament is for all Omega students and is a great way to introduce yourself to martial art competitions. Please sign up at the following site:
3. The Omega Hoodies are selling out.  If you would like one for a Christmas present or just to wear now that the weather is getting cold, come in the office and get one! .
4.  There will be NO class on Monday, October 31st.  It is Halloween night that evening.
5. Last, the Marital Art High Belt test will be held on Friday, November 11th.  If you are testing for Purple Belt and Above in the Youth or Adult Martial Art programs, this test is for you.  The deadline for Review stripes, Papers, Grades, and Notes is Saturday, November 5th.



Omega Springville Staff
(801) 491-8542 office