This is the last “I AM AWESOME” worksheet for the year.  As you will see, I combined the October and November into one worksheet.  I am sorry for not getting one out for October; the Shine On for Shihan Tournament was a lot of work.  Anyway, once you complete this worksheet, please make sure to turn it in and any other worksheets you have completed no later than December 15th.  
If you have not been working on the “I AM AWESOME” worksheets and would like more information, please come by the office and we can provide you the needed info.  In a nutshell, each month we have a theme that we try and emphasize at the studio.  In order to reinforce that theme at home, we ask that each student work on activities that pertain to that monthly theme.  There will be a patch that is awarded to those who have been consistent in turning in all the worksheets.  If you started martial arts in the middle of 2018, you can still participate in program; we would have you start on the month you started lessons.