Robert Lee Davis

Born December 16, 1944 in Amarillo, TX
Died June 11, 2019 in Aurora, CO

Dr. Bob Davis is survived by his wife, Kathy Davis, his sons Raymond Davis, Richard Davis and Ryan Davis; eight grandchildren and five great grandchildren. He loved his daughters-in-law as daughters: Barbara Davis and Jocelyn Davis.

Bob was raised in Westminster, CO, graduated from Westminster High School; attended Rockmont Bible College; later earned a PhD in Martial Arts Science and became an instructor in police arrest and control. Bob Davis was promoted to 10th Degree Black Belt by an international board for the creation of his unique system of Omega Martial Arts.

He served a s a Campus Life Club Director under the Denver Area Youth for Christ Organization and as a volunteer counselor with Mission 5280 of Denver First Church of the Nazarene where he attended since 1989. Bob spent many years as a painting contractor doing largely custom homes in Evergreen and Bailey Colorado. When an accident on the job at 21 severely damaged his right foot, he was told that hew would never climb a ladder again and would walk with a limp. So, he bought a motorcycle and joined a karate school. He recovered to continue painting and devoted 42 years to the martial arts defying all the odds.

Bob Davis had a passion for learning and was a fierce competitor. He attained high rank in Tae Kwon Do, Jujitsu, Isshinryu, Judo and mastered several weapons. Bob was a top-rated full contact fighter in the Denver area for several years and excelled at point fighting and forms competition as well. He competed in, refereed, and directed local, regional, and international tournaments. He worked in tournament settings for the World Tae Kwon Do Federation, USA Karate Federation Colorado Karate Association of which he was a founding board member, and the World Congress of Amateur Athletes. He earned a World Championship ring and was inducted into the World Karate Hall of Fame.

Besides martial arts, Bob had passions for fishing, camping, and speed! He caught fish when no one else could and flew down Bandimere Speedway to victory several times in his Corvette. He loved spending time at the track with Ray, Barb, RJ, and whoever else showed up.

Bob Davis loved his family, his friends, and his Lord Jesus Christ. He was perceived as quiet, that is until you got to know him. His fun side surfaced in puns and jokes, putting on the Littlest Black Belt skit, ricking his young black belts into bowing and reciting “Oh-wha-ta-goo-siam”. He created more than a place to train in martial arts; he created a family. Bob wanted a place where families could train together that was fun, safe, and taught quality martial arts. For 33 years, he succeeded.

Though all we have now of him is memories, may we hold tight to the good things he tried to instill in us all. Rest in peace Sir.