Dear Parents & Students:

We would like to announce a significant change that will be effective immediately regarding when the Weapons Requirement is introduced in our system. Up until this point our Weapons Requirement began when a student was a Green Belt. We are lowering the Weapons Requirement to Yellow Belt. Here is a look at which weapons will now be required at which belt:

Yellow going to Sr. Yellow: Bo Staff
Sr. Yellow going to Green: Escrimas
Green going to Sr. Green: Nunchucks
Sr. Green going to Purple: Sais
Purple going to Blue: Tonfas

This change starts this week. We have anticipated some of your questions and here are the answers to some of them:

1. Where do I buy these weapons?: You can always purchase weapons in our office through our catalog. If you find weapons elsewhere, that is fine, I just do measurements t o get the right size for your student in the office.

2. If I have a Sr. Yellow Belt, a Green Belt, Sr. Green Belt, or Purple Belt, will I need to learn all the weapons lower than my rank? Yes, you will need to learn the requirements for the weapons that were introduced at lower belts along with the weapon required at your belt. We will be spending a significant amount of time in our Summer Camp training with weapons.

3. Will there be new Rank Sheets reflecting the new changes? Yes, those KUP sheets are available for print or to be emailed to you this week in the office.

On the KUP Sheets, we also did a small change regarding our Sport Combinations sections. We are now calling that section simply “Combinations” and we will be enhancing this section in the coming months. Currently you will see Kick, Offensive, Defensive, and Hand Combinations in this section. This change is for current and future organization of our Combinations.

These changes are exciting and will enhance our KUP sheets & our weapons training for our students.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at the office.

Thank you,
Kwanjangnim Richard