Dear Omega Family:

As many of you heard on Tuesday of this week, Utah came out with a different way of tracking and categorizing the COVID-19 cases and exposures — now called a “Transmission Index“. This new index is to help people with their social gatherings. In the state’s press conference, they said that businesses, schools, churches, etc are following guidelines to stay safe and open and not where they are seeing the virus spread; rather it is in social gatherings.

Utah County is considered a “High Transmission” county, currently, and was given new social guidelines to follow. I called the Utah County Health Department yesterday to get very specific guidance as to how Omega will be required to operate for the next two weeks until the next valuation date on October 29th.

First, it is important to know that the “Casual, Social Gatherings” DOES NOT refer to Omega gatherings and how we are conducting business. So the number of “10 or less” DOES NOT apply to Omega classes. That fact was made clear to me by the Health Department.

Here is what I was told that Omega needs to do:

1. Still NO Spectators. We cannot have parents or siblings in the studio at this time. If there is a special case of a test or something else, please contact the office for permission before you enter the studio. Thank you!

2. The Utah County Health Department is categorizing us in the “Sporting Events” category. So were are to follow those guidelines… which are:

  • All Omega Instructors will be require to do temperature checks before teaching in each class (which we already do – by the way :))
  • All Omega Instructors will be required to wear a face mask while teaching. At the October 29th Utah State evaluation, this requirement might be changed; but for now, we will comply with this requirement.
  • Omega Students are considered “Participants” and according to the Health Department will not be required to wear a mask while participating in martial art classes. However, this choice is completely up to each student, individually. We will respect your decision either way.

As always, the safety of the students and the instructors is first. If at any time you feel sick or symptomatic, please stay home. I do want to mention that the Health Department was very impressed with our procedures that we are already doing to keep all students and instructors safe. In their own words “Please keep doing what you are doing!”

For more information on State’s coronavirus guidelines, please visit their website at:

We love and care for each of you and if you have any questions at all, please feel free to call me at (801) 318-6264.

Kwanjangnim Richard