The theme for this month is Flexibility.  Please set your goals and do your best  s t r e t c h  to accomplish these activities.
** I am altering the due dates for each of the worksheets.  Due to busy months and schedules being sporadic for everyone, I am allowing the deadline for the first 6 month’s worksheets to be the last day in June.  So, January – June worksheets can be turned in no later than the last day of June.  However, I do encourage you to do the worksheet and turn it into the office in the month that it is given out.  Hopefully, this deadline change will allow for any busy schedules and any other excuses as to why students are unable to turn them in.
If you are unsure what the “I AM AWESOME” Award is, please visit the following link to read about the program and why we are doing it.
P.S. My wife thought you all would enjoy this photo of Kwanjangnim doing the splits as a kid!