Dear Parents and Students:

If you or your student is looking to test in the upcoming Low Belt Rank Advancement Test on Saturday, June 1st, then please pay attention to the following reminders:
1.  This Low Belt Test is for those who are looking to test for Yellow Belt, Yellow/Black Belt, Green Belt, & Green/Black Belt.  
2.  ALL Review Stripes, Written Papers, Grade Verification, and Test Fees are due no later than Tuesday, May 28th.  You are more than welcome to turn all of this in prior to the deadline; in fact, we encourage it!  
3.  The test will be held on Saturday, June 1st and will begin at 9:00 AM.  All students need to be there no later than 8:40 AM.  
4.  All students need to be in a Formal White Uniform in order to test.  If you do not have a white uniform, then please come purchase one from the office (we have them in stock).  Also, all students need to have their own set up sparring gear.  They will be sparring in the test.  
5.  If you are testing for Green/Black Belt – your Notebook notes only need to be from 10th – 8th KUPs.  We recently changed this policy to allow students to concentrate on creating notes for fewer KUP sheets at a time.  
If you are unsure if you or your student is on the testing list please come in and talk to a staff member, or if you have ANY questions at all please come see us in the office and we can help.  Thank you.
Kwanjangnim Richard