Dear Parents and Students:

We had an exciting weekend down at the Utah Summer Games. Many of our students went and had a great experience competing and having fun. I would like to give a great big Congratulations to our Omega Springville Demo Team for taking home the Gold in the Demo Team competition. They performed a tribute demo to Shihan Jan Davis and it was amazing!! It was a great weekend and I hope to see more of you come next year.

For Youth Martial Art and Adult Martial Art Students ONLY: If you have qualified to test for your next rank, our Rank Advancement test will be held this coming Thursday (6/25) from 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM. We need all students who are testing to be ready wearing their full white uniform and bring all sparring gear, weapons (high belts), and Teaching Notebooks (high belts). Please be at the studio by 3:30 – 3:45 PM to get stretched out and warmed up. Good luck to all who are testing.

For Kid Kickers and Martial Art Students: ! If you are a Kid Kicker student or a Martial Art student! who is NOT testing in the next Rank Test, we will be Canceling class this Thursday in order to accommodate the test that will be happening. So NO regular Kid Kicker or Martial Art classes this coming Thursday afternoon and evening.

For Black Belt Candidates ONLY: Remember that you have your June Pretest this coming Friday evening from 6 – 9 PM at the Springville Studio. Please remember to wear white uniforms and bring all weapons (specialty weapons too). Make sure to bring your $20 pretest fee. If you are writing a check out for this, please make it out to “OTF.”

Thank you all so much.
Kwanjangnim Richard