Omega Martial Arts, located at 875 N Main Street in Springville, awarded twenty-one students and instructors with new black belts at its annual Black Belt test on Saturday, September 27. This year’s test ran deep with an under current of love for their head master, Shihan Jan Davis, who is in the final stages of terminal cancer.

Testers set up cameras that live streamed parts of the test to Shihan Jan’s hospital room in a effort to include her in the events. Shihan Jan received a standing ovation from hundreds of students, family and spectators when she made a surprising appearance near the end of the four day, fifteen hour test. It was a very emotional experience for those in attendance.

Jan Applause

“Our humble martial arts master has never allowed us to call her “Master”, believing in only one true Master. Yet for hundreds, if not thousands of us, she has show us the path, inspired us, believed in us, and given freely, without financial gain, of her time and resources,” said former Head Instructor Jenny Jarvis-Albrethsen.

Monday was a “Meet the Candidate Night.” The twenty-one black belt testers introduced themselves and performed original forms, as well as performances by the demo teams from the Springville, Salem and American Fork schools. It was a fabulous night. The testers were at the top of their game.

One mother commented, “I have never seen anything like this! It was amazing to see the talent and focus of the students. There were a couple students that I know personally and I never would have thought that they (1) could do martial arts like that and (2) would perform on a stage in front of people. They were all absolutely incredible!”

During the test on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, testers demonstrated their refined skills in Taekwondo, Hapkido, Jiu Jitsu, Okinawan weapon forms, individual creative martial art demonstrations, Judo throwing and falling, self defense techniques, and the gauntlet — which is the ultimate test of physical sparring endurance. They then ended the test with every single tester breaking through several boards and bricks using various kicks and punches.

“Year after year our Omega Black Belt Candidates never cease to amaze me. Their preparation and pursuit towards excellence in their martial arts is inspiring to me and to the many others who have the privilege of watching them test. This year was no exception. The gravity and emotion of this particular year propelled our candidates to new levels; they all wanted to perform their very best for Shihan Jan. This was her last Omega Black Belt Test and I know that this fact moved all who were in attendance. We love our Omega Martial Art family very dearly. Shihan Jan has been and always will be our rock and an inspiration to all of us to “BE” and to always live up to our greatest potential,” said Kwanjangnim Richard Davis.

It takes martial artists five to six years to earn a 1st dan (degree) black belt in the Omega system. Black belt candidacy begins with a formal presentation in November followed by five three-hour pre-testing sessions given by high-ranking black belt judges to verify the candidates’ knowledge of the system. The final black belt test is a four-day culmination in front of an Omega black belt board.

Omega Martial Art black belt candidates testing from Springville:

Catherine McNeece (2nd degree)

MaKell Wilson (2nd degree)

Matthew Stewart (2nd degree)

Amelia Pullman (1st degree)

Cesar Corona (1st degree)

Derek Sturman (1st degree)

Jenifer Pullman (1st degree)

Jeremy Scott (1st degree)

Mark Reber (1st degree)

Rachel Anderson (1st degree)

Ryan Pexton (1st degree)

Travis Earl (temporary degree)

Emma Cluff (temporary degree)

Omega Martial Art black belt candidates testing from American Fork:

Kyle Jardine (2nd degree)

Austin Moe (1st degree)

Barbara Moe (1st degree)

Ben Heuer (1st degree)

Brandon Moe (1st degree)

Tim Henderson (1st degree)

Omega Martial Art black belt candidates testing from Salem:

Lolita Wright (2nd degree)

Emily Hedelius (1st degree)

Taylor Tolbert (temporary degree)

The test was held at Omega Martial Arts located at 875 N Main Street, Springville, Utah. For questions, please call 801-491-8542.

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About Omega Martial Arts

Founded in 1987, Omega Martial Arts Utah is accredited by the Omega Tao Federation (OTF). Omega Martial Arts teaches a hybrid of Tae Kwon Do, Jiu Jitsu, Self Defense, Okinawan Weaponry, Judo, Sparring and Hapkido in order to create a well-rounded martial artist. Its instructors are known for their superior technique and diverse martial art expertise and its programs are designed to motivate students toward respect and excellence. Omega Martial Arts has dojangs (or schools) in Springville, Salem, and American Fork.