I wanted to take some time to let you all know what happened during our Annual Omega Black Belt Testing. I first wanted to congratulate all the testers who did such an amazing job!! The testing process was not like any other that we have had, but it was great and the testers kept their focus and all accomplished their goals. I hope that you all were able to watch some of the test over our live stream.

The following are the results for those who tested:

BLACK BELT (Receiving the Title of Chokyanim):
David Bateman
Max Unander
Wes Nelson
Kim Davis

1st DAN BLACK BELT (Receiving the Title of Sabumnim):
Max Gale
Elizabeth Jenkins
Sam Cluff
Richard Maldonado
Tracy Segeberg
Dominic Rodegeb
Lauri Nelson

2nd DAN BLACK BELT (Title of Sabumnim):
Ayden Christensen (New title of Sabumnim)
Matt Duncan (Already has the title of Sabumnim)

Kwanjangnim Sarah Hinckley


Additional New Titles Awarded:

  • Kwanjangnim Bob Wright (no longer “Master” Wright) – The Omega Board approved the policy that when a Black Belt reaches a level of 5th DAN black belt, they will receive the title of Kwanjangnim
  • Chungsahnim Allan Maughan (promoted from title of Sabumnim) – Chungsahnim means assistant head instructor

Again, a HUGE congratulations to all those who tested and did such a great job!

I love all of you and I know this time in the world is unique. I just wanted to say thank you to all of you and I look forward to getting back to normal classes next week.

Kwanjangnim Richard