Black Belt Week is almost here! We are so excited to watch all 31 Black Belt candidates from the Springville and Salem dojangs test in the Omega Martial Art annual test.

The Black Belt Testing sessions are open to all Omega students to come and watch (if there is room). We will also be streaming each of the sessions on the Omega Martial Arts YouTube Channel. You can also find the link on the Omega Martial Arts home page.

The Black Belt Testing schedule is (held at the Springville Studio):

WEDNESDAY (6 – 9 PM): 12th – 10th KUP requirements, Open Hand Forms, and Musicals
THURSDAY (6 – 9 PM): 9th – 3rd KUP requirements, Self Defense, Specialty Kicks, Sparring, and Musicals
FRIDAY (6 – 9 PM): 2nd – 1st KUP requirements, Okinawan Weaponry, Jiu Jitsu, and Musicals
SATURDAY (9 AM – Finish): Groundwork, Judo, Musicals, Specialty Kicks, Black Belt: Self Defense, Forms and Kicks; The Gauntlet, Board and Brick Breaking, and the Black Belt Ceremony.


Jennifer Gilson, David O’Neil, Vienna LaRose, April Rodriguez, Alexa Cushing, Aspen Robinson, Lucy McCown, Jonas McCown, Katelyn Miner, Zakiah Cole, Landon Smith, Selene Jensen, Jeremiah O’Neil, Aspen Haight, Jason Jenkins, Luke Pratt


Lisa Horton, Tyler Warren, Bryan Roberts, Samuel Wride, Nathan Marshall, Aspen Ross, Michael Davis, Cody Kolba, Kianna Cotant


Peyton Maughan, Sam Cluff, Elizabeth Jenkins, Kim Davis


Emma Cluff Sharp, Brooke Williams

We are so proud of all of you and we want to wish you all the best this week!

A note for the Springville Dojang:

We want to thank all of you for your participation in our Omega Summer Camp; it was so fun and we appreciate all of the hard work of our instructors who planned amazing classes for all of you. The regular Springville class schedule is on holiday until the first of August. If you have any questions about this, please call Kwanjangnim Richard at (801) 318-6264.