Omega Martial Arts Pleasant Grove offers a wide range of training techniques using a hybrid of various disciplines to help each student become a well-rounded martial artist. Some of the disciplines we employ include:

Taekwondo – Hapkido – Traditional Self Defense – Judo – Jiu Jitsu – Okinawan Weaponry

Whether  you are looking for youth classes or adult classes, our students progress through a curriculum designed to advance them through the Omega belt system that is appropriate for their age group. Our aim is to foster an environment where students develop lasting relationships while learning to develop focus, discipline, self-control, coordination and balance through teamwork, personal fitness and respectful communication.

The Omega Martial Arts journey is an exciting and challenging one.  With enough hard work and perseverance, it will lead to Black Belt and beyond!

We offer class options at the Pleasant Grove Recreation Center. To register for classes, please call 801-822-4837. We hope to be able to offer even more classes as attendance grows, so please tell your friends!


Please visit the Pleasant Grove Recreation Center website for current classes and to register

Note: We are having a student build a new Pleasant Grove school website. It will be found here