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Black Belt Testing is the culmination of your experience here at Omega Martial Arts. Due to the pandemic, this year’s testing will be CLOSED to general spectators.  Links to the Event’s LIVE STREAM will be posted as soon as they are available.

Additional guidance for attendance will be sent to this year’s testers and family members to keep this test safe for those involved and to remain within state requirements.


WEDNESDAY (6 – 9 PM) –  Table Questions, Open Forms, System Requirements
THURSDAY (6 – 9 PM) – System Requirements and Musicals
FRIDAY (6 – 9 PM) – Weapons, Self Defense, Musicals and System Requirements
SATURDAY (9 AM – Finish) – System Requirements, Musicals, Demos, Specialty Kicking, Sparring, Board and Brick Breaking, & Black Belt Ceremony).

Note: There will not be a banquet following the test and no “runners” will be needed.

Thank you and if have questions please call Kwanjangnim Richard at 801-491-8542.
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