The Omega Martial Art student is well versed in a wide range of Self Defense techniques, including open attacks, kneeling, two-step, long distance defense (walking and running), stick and knife defense, bo, nunchaku, sai and tonfa, and more. Omega also specializes in women’s self defense and regularly gives seminars to women to learn street safety and defense techniques.

We are proud to offer our ALPHA Self Defense Class. This is different then just taking a month long women’s self defense course.  We are offering a program that will take someone from a beginning level all the way to essentially getting a black belt in the self defense program.  You will be an ALPHA!  It is designed for those who, at this time, do not have the time to participate in a full Omega Martial Art program, but still want to have a knowledge of how to defend themselves. You will learn basic to advanced self defense tactics. escapes, counters, control holds, street awareness, rape prevention, defense against a knife and gun and much more.

Classes ONLY offered at Springville. Please call us for the next session. 801-491-8542